3D Sample Graphs

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MRI of Cerebrospinal Fluid

Luminescence quenching

Modelled B/Ca Ratios

Mt. St. Helens Seismicity

Particulate sulphate concentrations

Distribution of simulated galaxies

Activation distribution and mean location

Surface of a Beating Canine Heart (movie)

Crystal Structure (movie)

Scatter spheres (movie)

Complex parametric surface (movie)

Tris-ethylendiamine-complex of Cobalt(III) (movie)

Basic Hahn Echo (movie)

Mount St. Helens before and after (movie)

Spherical Harmonics Surface (movie)

Photoelectron angular distribution (movie)

Visualized spread of neural activity (movie)

Perspective view of Mt. St. Helens topography (movie)

Stalagmite CT scan (movie)

Surface morphologies

Femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy

Rotating Molecule (movie)

Corrected Electrophoresis Gels