2D and image sample graphs

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ACE Solar Wind & Magnetic Field

Wind Barb Plot

Snow Albedo

Portland Cement Hydration Analysis

Whale Sharks Diving Behavior

Galaxy Neutral Hydrogen Mass Contour

Submitted by Dr. E. Hasselbrink

Submitted by Dr. E. Hasselbrink

Submitted by Dr. Richard Bookman

High Resolution Temperature Profile

Orthogonal Circles in the Complex Plane

Polar Plots of Scattering Phase Functions

Effect of CCl4 on Iron Dissolution by Corrosion

Damage to Circular Room and Pillar Mine

Circuit Partitioning Algorithms

Colorado ski conditions

Lizard Movie

"3D" Impedance Plot

Submitted by: Jao van de Lagemaat

Simulated 2-dimensional broad-line proton NMR spectra

Equipotentials in Film Conductors

Air Blown Through Barley

Mapping power plant plumes over Tennessee

Scanner Repeatability Test

Combined excitation-emission spectroscopy on erbium-ions in lithium niobate

Ocean surface wave spectra

DNA/protein Monte Carlo simulation

neuronal and eye movement response

Comparison of modeled and as-deposited microstructure

Control and test average waves

Submitted by Bruce MacIver

mass-transfer coefficient

Histograms of atomic column intensities

Simulated and experimental images

Gray-scale map of probe intensity

Gray-scale map of probe intensity

borehole acoustic velocities

borehole acoustic velocities

Polarised Infrared Spectroscopy: OH in Forsterite

atmospheric particle mass concentrations

Comparison of two case studies

Total mass concentrations

Typical speciated mass spectrum

Organic mass distribution

Difference of powder patterns

Inelastic neutron scattering

Cosmic Ray Flow Direction

Line Profiles from a Numerical Model

Coral Biomineralization

Change in nitrate isotopic composition during algal assimilation

2004 North East Aerosol Experiment Results

VTA neuronal firing rate

Physiological signals

Cortical electroencephalogram

Atomic force microscopy noise

Time-resolved X-ray diffraction

Calcium wave in a rat pyramidal neuron

periodic table

A moving example of Igor aided experimental positioning. Submitted by Michael Everest, George Fox University

Comparison of CdO valence region XPS with theoretical density of states

Plane Wave Simulation Results

Clean Room Particle Counts and Activity

THEMIS physical parameter measurements