NIDAQ Tools: Data Acquisition for Igor Pro

PHOTO: courtesy of Dr. Bruce MacIver
Igor being used to control, record, analyze and store electrophysiological data in real time from an isolated brain slice experiment.

What It Is: The Igor NIDAQ Tools MX package adds support for data acquisition directly into Igor Pro, our scientific analysis and graphing application. NIDAQ Tools MX gives you the ability to acquire data directly into a powerful programmable data analysis environment. Igor Pro with NIDAQ Tools MX can take you from data acquisition, through analysis, to creation of publication-quality graphics in a single environment.

Supported Systems: Windows 7 or later. Your version of Igor Pro may require a newer version of Windows. See the Requirements for details.

Purchasing Info: Use our online order form or contact sales to purchase NIDAQ Tools.

Demo: A fully-functioning demo version of NIDAQ Tools MX for Windows, including the PDF manual, is available for download. The demo will cease operating one month after you first use it. It can be used with your copy of Igor Pro, or with a demo version of Igor Pro.

Hardware Support: Igor NIDAQ Tools MX works with most multifunction DAQ devices supported by National Instruments NI-DAQmx driver software. For more information, see Supported Hardware.

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