Accessing SQL Databases

An Igor Pro plug-in called "SQL XOP" provides access to relational databases from Igor procedures. SQL XOP uses SQL (Standard Query Language).

Database connectivity is provided by ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) drivers on Mac OS X and Windows. MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access and most other database management systems support ODBC.

Using SQL XOP you can:

Here is an example of an Igor function that executes a query, transfers the result set to Igor waves, and displays the result set in an Igor table:

#include <SQLUtils>
Function SQLHighLevelFetchTest1()
	// This connection string references the previously-created data source name IgorDemo1.
	String connectionStr = "DSN=IgorDemo1;UID=DemoUser;PWD=Demo"

	String statement = "Select * from SampleTable"
	SQLHighLevelOp /CSTR={connectionStr,SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE} /O /E=1 statement