NeuroMatic is a collection of Igor Pro functions for analyzing electrophysiological data. By allowing users to organize their data into Sets or Groups, NeuroMatic makes it a relatively straight forward process of performing any number of transformations and statistical analyses on their data sets, including scaling, alignment averaging, baseline subtraction, spike detection, stationarity analysis, and rise-time computations. Being open source and of modular design, NeuroMatic also allows users to develop their own analysis functions that can be easily incorporated into NeuroMatic's framework.

NeuroMatic user interface

Features of NeuroMatic Include

See the NeuroMatic home page for details or to download the package.


NClamp user interface

The Nclamp package, which works in conjunction with NeuroMatic, provides data acquisition software for different applications, including electrophysiology and photometry. NClamp was developed at University College London. Its features include:

See the Nclamp home page for details or to download the package.