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Time-resolved X-ray diffraction

The image shows the intensity of diffraction intensity of phase evolution during weld cooling measured with time-resolved X-ray diffraction technique using synchrotron radiation. The image shows the formation face centered cubic phase (austenite) emanating from liquid first. This phase then transforms to body centered cubic (ferrite) phase on cooling further.

The data were read from binary .spe file created by detectors using GBLoadwave and then plotted as image file.

Ref: Babu, S. S., Elmer, J. W., David, S. A., and Quintana, M., "In-situ observations of nonequilibrium austenite formation during weld solidification of Fe-C-Al-Mn low alloy steel," Journal of Proceedings of Royal Society (Mathematical and Physical Sciences) A, 2002, 458, 811-821

Submitted by Sudarsanam Babu of ORNL.