Check for user input with timeout

The following function (for Igor Pro 6.1 or later) can be used in the midst of a long calculation or data acquisition run to determine if the user needs to change or enter some values. If the user is not present, the function will time out.

If the function returns true indicating the user has clicked the "Yes" button, you can then use the techniques described in the help for PauseForUser or DoPrompt to fetch the actual input.

Put the following in the procedure window and then execute:
print UserHasValue(10)
Function UserHasValue(secsToWait)
    Variable secsToWait
    NewPanel /N=CheckUserValue/W=(285,111,738,225)
    SetDrawEnv textxjust= 2,textyjust= 1
    DrawText 317,92,"Auto-continue in"
    SetDrawEnv textyjust= 1
    DrawText 384,93,"seconds"
    SetDrawEnv fsize= 20,textyjust= 1
    DrawText 22,21,"Do you have a new value?"
    ValDisplay vd0,pos={326,78},size={50,28},bodyWidth=50,fSize=20
    ValDisplay vd0,limits={0,0,0},barmisc={0,1000},value= _NUM:secsToWait
    Button bYes,pos={99,36},size={77,27},title="Yes"
    Button bNo,pos={157,80},size={49,21},title="No"
    DoUpdate/W=CheckUserValue/E=1       // mark this as a progress window
    Variable tstart= ticks
    Variable secsLeft= secsToWait
    Variable userHasValue= 0
        Variable t0= ticks
        while( ticks < (t0+10) )
        secsLeft= round(secsToWait - (ticks-tstart)/60)
        ValDisplay vd0,value= _NUM:secsLeft,win=CheckUserValue
        if( V_Flag == 2 )   // user clicked a button
            userHasValue= CmpStr("bYes",S_name) == 0
    while( secsLeft > 0 )
    KillWindow CheckUserValue
    return userHasValue




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