Modules that extend Igor and software products that use Igor:

Bruxton Corporation

SIDX allows Igor Pro to control scientific CCD cameras: Princeton Instruments, Photometrics, PCO/Cooke, Andor, SciMeasure, Spectral Instruments, DVC and Hammamatsu.


FitGISAXS is a software package for performing modelling and analysis of GISAXS (grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering) data within the distorted-wave Born approximation.

FitGISAXS has been developed using the IGOR Pro scripting language by David Babonneau, CNRS Research Director at Institute P’.

The tool suite uses a slab-model approach with the Abélès matrix method to calculate X-ray reflectivity curves, electric field intensity distributions and GISAXS intensities from supported or buried scatterers arranged in two or three dimensions in a stratified medium.

Models are included to calculate the scattered intensity for monodisperse, polydisperse and interacting particles with various size distributions, form factors and structure factors. The source code for the entire package is freely available, allowing anyone to develop additional tools.

Source Finder (SoFi)

The Source Finder (SoFi) software developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI, Switzerland) and maintained and further developed by Datalystica Ltd. allows to efficiently analyze multivariate data, e.g. ambient mass spectrometer data with factor analytic tools.

SoftZymics, Inc.

SoftZymics produces data analysis software for enzymologists, including the package VisualEnzymics for the analysis of steady-state rate data.

Synaptosoft, Inc

Synaptosoft Inc is the developer of the ABF Utility program that converts Igor Pro binary data files to Axon binary format.

Visual Integrity Technologies

Not strictly an add-on module, but Visual Integrity makes software to batch convert PS/EPS files to other formats such as XML-standard SVG, FrameMaker MIF and soon also PDF. See the PDF FLY page for more info.


Zefir is an Igor-based package that allows user-friendly coupling between pollutant concentrations and wind data or air mass origin. Statistical analysis from AMS/ACSM data can be performed in Igor through dedicated user-friendly panels: the PMF Evaluation Tool and SourceFinder. See the ZeFir website for more details.




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