Igor Pro® includes a powerful and full-featured structured programming language that you can use for automation of data import, file I/O, analysis, data acquisition, graphing, drawing, printing, and just about anything you can think of. You can add menus to the program and create control panels containing buttons, checkboxes, popup menus, and other controls to set parameters or display results.

Igor Pro aids you in your programming tasks with syntax coloring.

Igor Pro ships with many examples illustrating (among other things) peak fitting, signal processing, data acquisition, test automation, and graphing techniques.


  • Complete built-in structured programming language
  • Over 450 built-in functions and 400 built-in operations
  • Many additional functions and operations supplied by XOPs and WaveMetrics-authored user procedures
  • Symbolic debugger
  • User-definable math and string functions
  • All aspects of Igor Pro can be programmed
  • Controllable by external scripting systems
  • Syntax coloring in procedures
  • Integrated help and documentation
  • Search across multiple program source files




Igor Pro 9

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Igor XOP Toolkit

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Igor NIDAQ Tools MX

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