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Custom Features

Add Igor Pro® data acquisition and analysis features
Add operations, functions, menus, and dialogs
Supports Mac OS and Windows 10 development


The XOP Toolkit is an add-on package for Igor Pro® that allows C and C++ programmers to extend their Igor Pro features and unlock even greater data acquisition, manipulation, and analysis possibilities. Originally intended only to allow adding command-line operations, today’s Igor XOP toolkit can add operations, functions, menus, dialogs and windows.

The XOP Toolkit consists of a library of “XOPSupport” routines that allow an XOP to communicate with Igor, a comprehensive manual, as well as source code and project files for many sample XOPs.

XOP Toolkit 7 can create XOPs for Igor Pro 6.20 or later.

XOP Toolkit 8 can create XOPs for Igor Pro 8.00 or later.

To determine which XOP Toolkit fits your needs, see Choosing Which XOP Toolkit to Use

The XOP Toolkit supports Mac OS X and Windows 10.

The XOP Toolkit is available as an electronic download. It includes a PDF manual.

XOP Toolkit Upgrade

The XOP Toolkit upgrade, whether to version 7 or 8, is a free download for all registered users of any previous version of the XOP Toolkit. 

XOP Toolkit 7 adds:

  • Support for Igor 7 and Igor 8
  • Support for 64-bit Macintosh and Windows XOPs
  • Visual C++ 2015 and 2017 support
  • Xcode 9 and 10 support

XOPs created using XOP Toolkit 7 require Igor Pro 6.20 or later.

XOP Toolkit 8 adds:

  • Support for long object names and paths with Igor Pro 8.00 or later
  • Visual C++ 2019 support (as well as 2015 and 2017)
  • Xcode 11, 12, and 13 support

XOPs created using XOP Toolkit 8 require Igor Pro 8.00 or later.

If you are a licensed XOP Toolkit user, contact WaveMetrics sales for download instructions. 

XOP Toolkit Development Systems

XOP Toolkit 8 supports the following development systems:

Mac OS X
Xcode 11
Xcode 12
Xcode 13
Visual C++ 2015 (express or professional editions)
Visual C++ 2017 (express or professional editions)
Visual C++ 2019 (express or professional editions)

XOP Toolkit Sample XOPs

The sample XOPs include:

  • XOP1 - Simply adds one to each point in a specified Igor data set.
  • SimpleLoadWave - Loads data from a text file into Igor.
  • GBLoadWaveX - Loads data from a binary file into Igor.
  • SimpleFit - Adds a curve-fitting function to Igor.
  • WaveAccess - Shows how to deal with multi-dimensional Igor data.
  • NIGPIB2 - Adds National Instruments GPIB support to Igor.
  • VDT2 - Adds serial port support to Igor.

To create an XOP, you start with sample XOP source code supplied with the Toolkit. After modifying the sample, you compile it to produce the executable XOP file. To activate an XOP, you put an alias (Macintosh) or shortcut (Windows) for the XOP file in the Igor Extensions folder in your Igor Pro folder.