Igor Pro® Guided Tour

The Igor Pro Guided Tour is available in booklet form, as an Igor help file, in the Igor Pro PDF manual, and in the videos listed on this page.

To go through the tour by yourself, choose Help -> Getting Started in Igor or choose Help -> Manual to open the PDF manual.

To take the video tour, click the links below.

A brief video tutorial in Korean is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5AxBQ4ybPA

Guided Tour 1 - General Tour

Guided Tour 2 - Data Analysis

Guided Tour 3 - Histograms

3D Plotting Tutorials

Igor's 3D plotter is named "Gizmo". The following video tutorials demonstrate elementary and advanced features of Gizmo.

Introduction - Getting Acquainted with Gizmo

Introduction - Gizmo Graphs

Techniques - Creating a Surface Plot from Scatter Data

Techniques - Creating a Parametric surface

Techniques - Creating Slices of Volumetric Data

Techniques - Using Clipping

Techniques - Adding Transparency

Techniques - Lights and Shading

Advanced - Using Textures and Group Objects




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Igor XOP Toolkit

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