You can add many kinds of controls to Igor Pro®'s control panels or graphs and implement their behavior by writing “control procedures” for them.

The Add/Modify Control dialog makes this relatively simple. Select the graph or panel you want to add the control to, and choose "Add Control" from the Graph or Panel menu:


Set up the control's size and other properties using the dialog:


Click on the New (Procedure) button to add code which will execute when the slider is set to a new value:


A skeleton procedure is created for you. Add your custom code in this dialog or afterwards in the procedure window. Here we’ve added only the value set code which re-computes a single-tone audio wave whose frequency is controlled by the slider value as a percentage of the 44100 Hz sampling frequency. The remaining text is the structure-based skeleton code for a slider control.

Click on Save Procedure Now, then click Do It in the main dialog to create the slider control:

Move the slider’s thumb to see how the slider’s procedure changes the data array:


Other standard controls can be added using dialogs:


Once created the controls can be arranged by dragging, by copy-and-paste, or by contextual menus that align, distribute or even retrieve controls that stray beyond the window’s bounds:

Help for Controls

You can add contextual help tips to explain the controls to your users by entering Help Text in the control dialogs:



Another way to provide help is to create a Help button that opens an Igor Help File (that you’ve created) using the DisplayHelpTopic command:






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