Igor Pro® provides facilities for interacting with the Internet. Manually or from an Igor procedure you can:

  • Download files and folders from an FTP site
  • Upload files and folders to an FTP site
  • Create directories on an FTP site
  • Delete files and folders from an FTP site
  • Get the contents of a web page from a web server
  • Bring up a web page in the default web browser
  • Generate an HTML file from an Igor notebook window
  • Percent-encode and percent-decode strings, such as URLs
  • Communicate with a secure web server using SSL/TLS
  • Interact with a web server using the HTTP/HTTPS get, post, put, head, and delete methods

FTP I/O is accomplished using the FTPDownload, FTPUpload, FTPDelete, and FTPCreateDirectory operations.

Fetching the contents of a web page is done using the FetchURL function or the URLRequest operation. Sending data to a web server is done using the URLRequest operation.

Calling up a web page in the web browser is done using the BrowseURL operation.

Generating HTML from a notebook is done manually through the File->Save Notebook dialog or through the SaveNotebook operation.

Percent-encoding is done using the URLEncode function and percent-decoding is done using the URLDecode function.




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