With NIDAQ Tools MX you can:

  • Read analog inputs.
  • Scan analog inputs into Igor waves (data arrays) in memory.
  • Scan analog inputs to disk, then use Igor to pick out interesting parts later.
  • Set analog output voltages.
  • Generate arbitrary waveforms from Igor data arrays.
  • Digital I/O including static, timed and handshaking, depending on hardware support.
  • Control counter-timers for pulse train and one-shot pulse generation, period and frequency measurement, etc.
  • Control multiple DAQ devices simultaneously.
  • ... and more.

NIDAQ Tools MX includes several pre-programmed control panels to provide a point-and-click interface to basic data acquisition functions. If these simple interfaces serve your needs, no programming is necessary. Use the panels as-is, or modify the procedure files to customize them for your own purposes.

More complex, customized applications can be created using Igor Pro®'s built-in programming language, extended by NIDAQ Tools MX to include data acquisition and control functionality. Igor control panels can be used to make a nice user interface for DAQ systems.

Demo: Fully-functional, limited-time demo available. Can be used with demo version of Igor Pro.

Supported Systems: Any system that Igor runs on, and for which National Instruments has made available the NI-DAQmx driver software.

Igor Pro: Igor Pro 6 (32-bit), Igor Pro 7 or later (32-bit or 64-bit).

Hardware Support: Just about any National Instruments DAQ device supported by NI-DAQmx Software for Windows.

See details on supported devices.

Driver: National Instruments NI-DAQmx Software version 10.0 or later.

Macintosh OS X: Because National Instruments has not created the appropriate drivers for Mac OS X, we cannot offer NIDAQ Tools MX for Macintosh.


NIDAQ Tools MX Control Panels Example




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