Igor Pro®'s peak analysis capabilities include:

You can use Igor Pro to accomplish these tasks by using:

  • Built-in and external functions and operations such as FindPeak, FindLevels, and PulseStats
  • External operations (XOPs) such as FindPeaks.xop
  • Procedures in the Igor Technical Notes #020 collection

Talented users of Igor Pro have created peak analysis software that you may freely use:

  • SpXZeigR is a set of routines for analysis of spectroscopic data. It includes commands for managing, manipulating, rescaling, normalizing, baseline fitting, and peak fitting operations.
  • NeuroMatic is a collection of Igor Pro functions for analyzing electrophysiological data, data which is often characterized as "spike" data. An optional module adds data acquisition using either Instrutech ITC or National Instruments DAQ hardware.




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