New graph details

Create an XY graph in Igor by first visiting the New Graph dialog and selecting your data from x and y lists.

The lists in this dialog, as well as those in other dialogs, can be configured to a simple mode that shows only the data in the current data folder or a more complex mode that give you access to all the data in the workspace. The example shows the more complex form.

Similarly, the dialog can switch between a simple layout for the most common graphs and a more complex mode suitable for graphs with multiple axes or multiple xy pairs. Individual xy pairs can be designated to plot either horizontally or vertically and you can specify a subrange of data, such as individual rows or columns from a matrix.


Although the New Graph dialog lets you create a complex graph in a single step, you can easily start with a simple graph and add data and axes later.

While selecting your data using either form of the dialog, you can choose a graph template you may have created in past sessions. The style of the initial graph is also affected by preferences you may have previously set.




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