See the Image Acquisition page for links to camera and framegrabber manufacturers as well as specific Igor plugins (XOPs) for image acquisition.

Bruxton Corporation

SIDX allows Igor Pro to control scientific CCD cameras: Princeton Instruments, Photometrics, PCO/Cooke, Andor, SciMeasure, Spectral Instruments, DVC and Hammamatsu.

SBIG Camera Control

The Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG) provided a number of different CCD cameras and accessories for astronomical imaging. The SBIG package adds operations and functions to Igor Pro (Macintosh-only) that enable it to control SBIG cameras through SBIG's low-level driver routines. This allows you to write Igor Pro functions which can script the behavior of an SBIG camera for whatever application you may have.




Igor Pro 9

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Igor XOP Toolkit

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Igor NIDAQ Tools MX

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