Wilks Enterprise

Wilks Enterprise specializes in the development and manufacture of infrared (IR) analytical instrumentation for dedicated quantitative applications. Capabilities include liquid, solid and gas analysis providing accurate results from low cost, compact instrumentation. Wilks' newest product, the InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer, uses Igor Pro as a basis for its user interface.

Caliper Life Sciences

Caliper Life Sciences makes the IVIS system, advanced instrumentation for biophotonic imaging, a technology that allows scientists to track biological activity in real-time, at the molecular level, in a living mammal. Originally marketed by Xenogen, the LivingImage software uses Igor Pro for data acquisition, analysis and presentation.

Asylum Research

Asylum Research makes research tools for nanoscience and nanotechnology including the Molecular Force Probe family of instruments with Igor Pro-based software interfaces.

Scienta Omicron

Scienta Omicron makes instruments for radiation analysis and high resolution spectroscopy that are bundled with a copy of Igor Pro.




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