Igor Filter Design Laboratory is included with Igor 8

The full version of IFDL 4 has been built into Igor 8.

Adding IFDL to Earlier Versions of Igor

IFDL can be added to earlier versions of Igor by purchasing IFDL separately. Contact sales@wavemetrics.com to purchase this additional software.


The IFDL Demo is version 3.1, which allows you to design your own Kaiser Low Pass filters and other Window Filters, and apply them to your data. It does not include IIR filter designs.

You can compare the responses of two filters, save the filter coefficients for use in other programs, and print a report showing a filter's response and coefficient values.

Pre-computed examples of McClellan-Parks-Rabiner (MPR) filters and Kaiser Maximal Flatness filters are provided.

The demo version ignores changes to the design parameters for these filter types.

Download the IFDL 3.1 Trial Version here

Download the IFDL manual by itself here

IFDL 4 Upgrade

The IFDL 4 Upgrade is a free download for all registered users of any previous version of IFDL. The download includes a PDF version of the entire IFDL 4 Manual.

Please use one of our on-line order forms or contact Sales for additional information or to order IFDL 4 or the IFDL 4 Upgrade.

IFDL 4 Updates - September 12, 2011

These files have been updated since IFDL 4 first shipped:

  • IFDL.pdf
  • IFDL.ipf
  • IIR Analog Design.ipf
  • MPR Differentiator.ipf
  • Window Filters.ipf

To update to the latest version of IFDL 4, use the replacement files in UpdatesForIFDL4.zip.




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