We use the term "controls" for the user-interface objects that can be added to panels or graphs. The term "widgets" is sometimes used by other application programs.

Here is a summary of the types of controls available:

Control Type

Control Description


Button When clicked, calls a procedure that the programmer has written.
Custom buttons can be made from imported bitmaps.
various kinds of button controls
Chart Emulates a mechanical chart recorder. Charts can be used to monitor data acquisition processes or to examine a long data record. Programming a chart is quite involved. example chart control
CheckBox Sets an off/on value for use by the programmer┬┤s procedures. Radio buttons and disclosure triangles are specializations of Checkbox. Custom checkboxes can be made from imported bitmaps. checkbox, radio, and disclosure button control examples
CustomControl Custom control type completely specified and modified by the programmer. custom control that looks like an analog meter
GroupBox An organizational element that groups controls with a box or line. group box and divider examples
ListBox Lists items for viewing or selecting. list box example
PopupMenu Used by the user to choose a value for use by the programmer┬┤s procedures. popup menu examples, including text, color, color table, line style, marker and fill pattern popups
SetVariable Sets and displays a numeric or string global variable. The user can set the variable by clicking or typing. For numeric variables, the control can include up and down buttons for incrementing or decrementing the value stored in the variable. example SetVariable controls that change the value of numeric and string globals
Slider Duplicates the behavior of a mechanical slider. Selects either discrete or continuous values. vertical and horizontal slider examples, optionally with ticks and/or labels
TabControl Selects between groups of controls in complex panels. tab control example with two tabs; each tab shows and hides controls within it
TitleBox Provides explanatory text or message. example title boxes, one plain and others with various styles of frame
ValDisplay Presents a readout of a numeric expression which usually references a global variable. The readout can be in the form of numeric text or a thermometer bar or both some of the many forms a ValDisplay control can take: just a numeric readout, a horizontal bar, a colored square or circular "LED" or some combination




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