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If you are contacting technical support regarding a problem you encountered while running Igor it is best to do so directly from Igor's Help Menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our users' most Frequently Asked Questions with our answers.

Igor Pro® Video Tutorials

The video tutorials include a three-part Introduction to Igor Pro and 3D (Gizmo) Plotting Tutorials.

Samples Gallery

See the power of Igor Pro in action when you visit the Samples Gallery. View user-submitted visualizations, photos, and project descriptions.

IgorExchange Forums

One major benefit of becoming an Igor Pro user is the access you’ll have to a highly engaged user community - Visit the User Forums to find answers to all of your Igor Pro questions, get software tips and tricks, or provide your own product feature suggestions.

Igor Pro® Manual

The Igor Pro® manual ships in PDF format with Igor Pro, but you can also view it on the web using the links on this page.

Code Snippets

Just starting out with Igor Pro®? Wanting to take advantage of new product features but not sure where to start? Our Code Snippet library is a great choice. Find user-submitted code snippets to help with analysis, programming, data acquisition and more!


The exciting possibilities for Igor Pro are almost limitless - In our Projects section you’ll find user-submitted tools that you can download and use for your own analysis. Hundreds of tools to choose from OR add your own to share with the Igor Pro community.

User Resources & Contributions

Useful software, programming guides, and utilities contributed by Igor users.

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Join the Igor Mailing list for all the latest updates and news about Igor Pro.

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These companies and consultants offer software development services for Igor-related projects.




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