This group includes operations and functions that have application in statistical analysis.

Binomial Returns the binomial coefficient
Binomialln Returns the natural logarithm of the binomial coefficient
Erf Returns the Error function
Erfc Returns the Complementary Error function
Histogram Computes the histogram (optionally normalized to PDF)
InverseERF Returns the Inverse of the Error function
InverseERFC Returns the Inverse of the Complementary Error function
Sort Sorts 1D arrays
StatsCircularMomentsComputes statistical properties of angular data
StatsCorrelation Computes Pearson's correlation coefficient
StatsMedian Returns the median of a numeric wave
StatsPermute Permutes elements of the input
StatsQuantiles Computes various quantiles and elementary univariate statistics
StatsResample Resamples with replacement -- Bootstrap/Jacknife Analysis
StatsTrimmedMean Returns mean value after trimming both tails of the distribution
WaveStats Computes basic statistics of numerical data




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