Igor includes several operations that work on functions rather than discrete data points. These operations include

Example Damped Harmonic Oscillator Simulation

Plotting of functionsPlotting of functions

Making a graph of a function in Igor is easy. For simple expressions, use arithmetic expressions entered on the command line. Igor's programming language allows arbitrarily complex non-linear functions expressed as user-defined functions that can be used to make a graph.

Differential EquationsDifferential Equations

Numerically solve ordinary differential equations, making possible simulations of dynamic systems.


Use the Optimize operation to find minima and maxima of functions expressed using Igor's built-in language. Optimize functions of any number of dimensions, using a choice of methods including simulated annealing.

Function RootsFunction Roots

Use the FindRoots operation to find roots of functions expressed using Igor's built-in language. You can use Igor to find N-dimensional roots of systems of equations.

The FindRoots operation can also be used to find complex roots of polynomials.

Integration of FunctionsIntegration of Functions

Find numeric integrals of continuous functions using a choice of methods. By nesting integrations, you can integrate an N-dimensional function.




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