This test provides a top-down correlation analysis to determine if the same factors are important in both samples. The waves data1 and data2 contain ranks of sequential factors (shown on the left).

Factor data1 data2
A 3 4
B 2 3
C 2 3
D 1 2
E 4 1
F 6 5
G 5 6

To test the relative importance of the different factors for the two groups represented by data1 and data2 execute the command:

StatsWRCorrelationTest/T=1/Q data1,data2

The results are displayed in the Weighted-Rank-Correlation Test table:

n 7
rtStatistic 0.61998
Critical 0.738
P 0.101389

The rtStatistic, also known as the top-down correlation coefficient, is smaller than the critical value and so we can't reject H0, i.e., the same factors are the most important in both groups.




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