Igor Pro® offers extensive online help including:

  • Tool tips for controls and icons
  • A complete list of shortcuts
  • Overview help for each dialog
  • Overview help for each area of functionality (graphs, tables, curve fitting, FFTs . . .)
  • Reference help for programmers creating Igor procedures
  • A complete online PDF manual

Help Browser

The Igor Help Browser provides quick access to all kinds of help:

Online Help Files

Igor Pro includes a number of online help files containing overview and reference material. The online help files contain much of the information in the Igor Pro manual but in a form that can be quickly searched within Igor.

Creating Your Own Help Files

Advanced users who create packages of Igor procedures for use by colleagues can create their own Igor help files. User's help files are integrated into Igor and the Igor Help Browser just like WaveMetrics help files. The author of a package can create menu items and buttons that lead to specific topics in the help for the package.

Online PDF Manual

The complete Igor Pro manual is included in Adobe Reader PDF format.

The online PDF manual contains hot linked tables of contents, cross-references and a comprehensive hot-linked index. The online manual is searchable through the facilities provided by Adobe Reader.

The manual is divided into six volumes:

  • Volume I - Getting Started
  • Volume II - User's Guide Part 1
  • Volume III - User's Guide Part 2
  • Volume IV - Programming
  • Volume V - Reference
  • Volume VI - Index

Volume I - Getting Started includes helpful information for new users, especially the highly recommended Guided Tour of Igor which provides an indispensable introduction to Igor's capabilities.

The entire Igor Pro manual is also available on our web site.

Help For Programmers

Whether you are writing a quick and dirty routine for your own use or writing a sophisticated package to be shared with colleagues, you will find Igor's online help handy. In an Igor procedure window, you can control-click (Macintosh) or right-click (Windows) on the name of an Igor operation or function and quickly jump to the corresponding help or insert a template.




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