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Programming in Igor Pro, by Martin Schmid

Programming in Igor Pro: A Comprehensive Introduction (paperback: 146 pages) by Martin Schmid is an introductory text to Igor's built-in programming language (Igor 7 and above).

You will learn about fundamental aspects like functions, variables, and strings - but also about regular expressions, bitwise operations, and graphical user interfaces.

In addition, the book comes with 15 fully functional example projects.

This book is the right choice for you if:

  1. You are already using Igor, but you want to get more out of it.
  2. You have never programmed before and you want to learn a somewhat simplified programming language to understand the basic concepts (the core of Igor's programming language resembles a simplified C dialect).
  3. You are a scientist or engineer and you want to write programs with a direct access to a powerful data analysis and visualization environment.



Practical Guide to Igor Pro, by Tsinghua University Press

This is the first book on Igor Pro usage in Chinese. This book introduces the basic skills in using Igor Pro and the general method of data analysis and processing, including basic operations, charts drawing, command lines, data analysis and programming. For the purpose of practicability, the content modules needed in data processing such as chart drawing, data fitting and program design are highlighted. The book contains a large number of sample code, which can facilitate readers to learn from in the process of learning.

The purpose of this book is to solve the problem of small user group and high learning cost of Igor Pro in China, improve the popularity and overall application level of Igor, make more and more people choose to use Igor Pro as a data processing tool, and provide the most appropriate technical solutions and support for more laboratories to improve the level of data processing.

The book is already published by Tsinghua University press. After the publication of the book, it has been well received by teachers, engineers and students who are engaged in experimental and scientific research.

Publication Link of Practical Guide to Igor Pro  by Tsinghua University Press: http://www.tup.tsinghua.edu.cn/booksCenter/book_07617101.html

On JD.COM: https://item.jd.com/12360777.html



The Practice of Programming of Igor Pro, by Tsinghua University Press

This is the second book on Igor Pro usage in Chinese. After the publication of "Practical Guide to Igor Pro", it has been welcomed and praised by readers. This book provides more information about using Igor Pro for actual projects. This book selects 100 programming cases, which are divided into 4 articles, covering data visualization, data fitting, data analysis, and programming. Each case consists of four parts: application scenarios, program code, program analysis, and actual applications.

Some cases demonstrate IGOR PRO typical data processing and programming techniques, with emphasis on functional introduction; some cases come from data processing practice and actual application. These cases are based on more than ten years’ experience with strong pertinence and practical value.

The program code includes the complete code of the case. All codes have been repeatedly debugged under Igor 8. The functions are complete and independent. Program analysis is the key parts of program code to help readers understand and master program design ideas and skills. The actual application specifically introduces the use of the program in the actual data processing in the case.

This book could be used as a reference book for teachers and engineers engaged in experimental teaching or experimental science research in higher education institutions, scientific research institutions and other related units, and can also be used as a reference book for the analysis and processing of experimental data for senior undergraduates and graduate students.

Publication Link of The Practice of Programming of Igor Pro by Tsinghua University Press:



Tools for Igor Users

Our users have developed a number of refined tools and utilities for Igor Pro, and made them available to the Igor user community.

User Contributions at the Igor FTP Archive

The archive of our now-closed FTP site contains a wide variety of legacy user-contributed Igor Pro resources and utilities you may find useful.

Igor-Related Third Party Products

This section provides links to third parties that provide add-on modules for Igor Pro, hardware for data acquisition or use Igor in conjunction with their own products.

Igor Mailing List

A discussion forum for Igor Pro users: ask questions, find out about nifty utilities from other users, get the latest news from WaveMetrics. We maintain a searchable archive of past messages.


Our user-to-user support and collaboration forum also has places where programmers can upload complete projects or "code snippets" and users can download them.


This Chinese-language WeChat group to discusses general information about IGOR Pro and how to use it. Scan the QR code to visit the site wechat.com.

Cool Graphs

A compendium of many interesting Igor Pro graphs that our creative users have sent to us over the years.

Igor in the Classroom

Igor users taking advantage of the Igor Pro special coursework license to use Igor as a teaching tool.

If you would like to add your own contribution(s) to any of these areas on our Web site, please let us know by contacting sales@wavemetrics.com




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