"Data analysis" derives meaning or significance from raw data: it answers questions like "how much?", "how high?", or "how often?". Since Igor Pro® aims to serve a wide range of disciplines, it provides many analysis capabilities to choose from. We present them here in our somewhat arbitrary categories:

Curve Fitting
Linear and non-linear fits
Built-in and user-defined functions
Multi-variate fits involving unlimited independent variables
Peak Analysis
Peak and level-crossing detection
Fitting multiple overlapping peaks
Baseline removal
Signal Processing
Multi-dimensional mixed-radix FFT, wavelet, Hough transforms
Integration and differentiation of data
Convolution and correlation
Smoothing and filtering
Descriptive statistics such as mean, standard deviation and higher central moments
Statistical Tests
Probability Distribution Functions, Cumulative Distribution Functions and Inverse CDFs
Histograms, Sorting, Resampling, Correlations and Linear Regression

See Also:

Data Manipulation
Analysis of Functions




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