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Igor Pro® provides a number of tools for visualizing surfaces and volumetric data. Typical surface plots consist of wireframe or filled surfaces that represent a two-dimensional distribution of scalar values. Scatter plots represent an arbitrary distribution of positions in 3D space. Isosurfaces and voxelgrams represent locations in 3D space where the scalar values are equal to some constant. Parametric surfaces are wireframe or filled shapes where the surface definition is a function of external parameters. 3D object plots are rendered 3D scenes that are built from a number of built-in 3D primitives. Volume slices are used to visualize 3D data by displaying one or more slices through the domain occupied by the data.

3D Tools

Igor has two main tools for displaying 3D and volume data. They are Gizmo and the 3DWaveDisplay procedures. Gizmo is a versatile external module that uses OpenGL technology to render 3D scenes. The 3DWaveDisplay procedures are used to display orthogonal slices from volumetric data. The table below lists the types of graphs that you can create for each type of data.

Data Format Type of Graph Tool
2D Matrix WireFrame Gizmo
  Filled Surface Gizmo
  Intersecting Surfaces Gizmo
X, Y, Z Data 3D Scatter Gizmo
  3D Path Plot Gizmo
  3D Scatter and Surface Gizmo
  Ribbon Plots Gizmo
Volumetric Data 3 Projections 3DWaveDisplay Procedures
  Orthogonal Slices Gizmo
  Isosurfaces Gizmo
  Voxelgrams Gizmo
Arbitrary 3D Objects 3D Scenes Gizmo

Gizmo Tutorials

The following video tutorials demonstrate elementary and advanced features of Gizmo







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