Growl Notify

This MacOS X ONLY code snippet sends a notice using Growl (

Growl is a method that applications can use to send notification messages without you having to switch to the application itself. In the GrowlNotify function, text is the string message to growl, and title is an optional (short) title for the message bar.

You must install growlnotify from the Extras folder following the instructions on the install disk. Before using this command, open the terminal window and test your install of growlnotify by typing growlnotify -h (to show the help file). Install this procedure within your own procedure file and then, on the command line, type growlnotify("Hello World", title="My Igor") to show that it works.

Function GrowlNotify(text,[title])
    string text, title
    if (ParamIsDefault(title))
        title = "Igor Pro"
    string theCmd, igorCmd 
    sprintf theCmd, "/usr/local/bin/growlnotify -n 'Igor Pro' -i 'pxp' -m '%s' -t '%s'", text, title   
    sprintf igorCmd, "do shell script \"%s\"", theCmd  
    ExecuteScriptText igorCmd
    return 0




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