Layout Front Set (Graph + Panel)

I am frequently having to create a layout that should contain a graph with results and a panel with the inputs that generated the results. The code below will do the trick.

This snippet may also be useful to folks who use Igor Pro in classroom assignments. The layout has a stamp of information giving the experiment, user name, machine, and date + time. This may help you to police against students having the temptation to copy someone else's work.

// Layout Front Set
// v 2021-11-10  jjw
// create a layout with topmost figure to left, topmost panel to right
// respects aspect ratios of graph and panel, override input to have graph fill its region
// puts stamp of information at bottom right
// requires Igor Pro 7 or greater

// *** change these for your preferred layout page size
// US letter page in landscape with 1/4 in margin
Static Constant pgwidth = 792
Static Constant pgheight = 612
Static Constant pgmargin = 18
// set the fraction for the graph on the page left side
Static Constant gfrac = 0.75

Menu "Macros"
    "Layout Front Set",/Q, layout_FrontSet()

// directly create layout
Function layout_FrontSet()

    string gname, pname
    gname = WinName(0,1,1)
    pname = WinName(0,64,1)
    layout_results(gname, pname)
    return 0

// function available to call from other routines
// set gfill = 1 to have graph fill its region
Function layout_results(string graphname, string panelname, [variable gfill])

    // parameters
    variable gwidth, gheight, pwidth, pheight
    variable grwidth, prwidth
    variable gratio, pratio, wthratio
    variable toffset, tsize
    // sizes of regions for appending
    grwidth = gfrac*(pgwidth-2*pgmargin)
    prwidth = (1 - gfrac)*(pgwidth-3*pgmargin)
    gratio = grwidth/(pgheight-2*pgmargin)
    pratio = prwidth/(pgheight-2*pgmargin-4*pgmargin)
    // validity checks  and window sizes
    DoWindow/F $graphname
    if (v_flag == 0)
        return -1
    GetWindow/Z $graphname wsize
    gwidth = V_right - V_left; gheight = V_bottom - V_top
    //print gwidth, gheight
    DoWindow/F $panelname
    if (v_flag == 0)
        return -1
    SavePICT/SNAP=1/O/WIN=$panelname/P=_PictGallery_/E=-5 as "PanelSnapShot"
    GetWindow/Z $panelname wsize
    pwidth = V_right - V_left; pheight = V_bottom - V_top
    // strings for stamp
    string enstr, strdt, strsys, strprbx
    enstr = IgorInfo(1) + "\r"
    strdt = date() + " " + time()
    strsys = IgorInfo(7) + " : " + IgorInfo(2) 
    strprbx = "\\Z10\\JR" + enstr + strsys
    strprbx += "\r" + strdt
    // remove existing layout window to refresh
    KillWindow/Z SnapshotResultsLayout
    NewLayout/K=1/W=(30,50,600,500) as "Results Layout"
    DoWindow/C SnapshotResultsLayout
    LayoutPageAction size=(pgwidth,pgheight),margins=(pgmargin,pgmargin,pgmargin,pgmargin)
    ModifyLayout mag=0.5
    // append graph
    if (ParamIsDefault(gfill))
        wthratio = gwidth/gheight
        if (wthratio > gratio)
            // too wide, shrink height by ratio
            tsize = gheight*(grwidth/gwidth)
            toffset = 2*pgmargin
            AppendLayoutObject/F=0/T=0/R=(pgmargin,toffset,grwidth+pgmargin,tsize+toffset) Graph $graphname
            //print "too wide", wthratio, grwidth/tsize
            // too tall, shrink width by ratio
            toffset = pgmargin
            tsize = gwidth*(pgheight-2*pgmargin)/gheight
            AppendLayoutObject/F=0/T=0/R=(pgmargin,toffset,tsize+pgmargin,pgheight-pgmargin) Graph $graphname
            //print "too tall", wthratio, tsize/(pgheight-2*pgmargin)
        AppendLayoutObject/F=0/T=0/R=(pgmargin,pgmargin,grwidth+pgmargin,pgheight-2*pgmargin) Graph $graphname
    // append panel
    wthratio = pwidth/pheight
    SetDrawLayer ProgBack
    if (wthratio > pratio)
        //print "wide panel", pwidth, pheight, wthratio, pratio
        toffset = pratio*pheight - 2*pgmargin
        pratio = prwidth/pwidth
        //print "tall panel", pwidth, pheight
        toffset = pgmargin
        pratio = (pgheight-2*pgmargin-4*pgmargin)/pheight
    DrawPICT grwidth+pgmargin,toffset,pratio,pratio,PanelSnapShot
    // add text stamp in draw layer (keeping it "immutable")
    DrawText grwidth+2*pgmargin, pgheight-1.5*pgmargin, strprbx
    SetDrawLayer UserFront

    return 0





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