Load Matlab 1D Numeric Text File

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    "Load Matlab 1D Numeric Text File...", LoadMatlab1DNumericTextFile("", "")

// LoadMatlab1DNumericTextFile(pathName, fileName)
// Loads a .m file containing one or more lines of numeric text data in this format:
//  <name> = [number<space>number<space>...]
// Data can be exported in this format from Matlab using this Matlab command:
//  save my_data.out <array1> -ASCII
//  save my_data.out <array2> -ASCII -append
// Each line is loaded into a separate 1D wave which is named based on <name>.
// pathName is an Igor symbolic path.
// If either pathName or fileName is "", an Open File dialog is presented.
// The function returns a semicolon-separated string containing the names
// of the loaded waves.
// NOTE: Any pre-existing waves with the same names are overwritten.
// NOTE: This works for 1D NUMERIC data only.

Function/S CreateWaveFromMFileLine(text)
    String text
    Variable startPos, endPos
    // Find name
    startPos = 0
    endPos = strsearch(text, " ", startPos)     // Look for first space
    if (endPos < 0)
        Print "CreateWaveFromMFileLine unable to find wave name"
        return ""                               // Error
    String name = text[startPos,endPos-1]
    name = CleanupName(name, 0)             // Make sure it is a legal Igor name
    startPos = strsearch(text, "[", endPos)     // Look for left bracket
    if (endPos < 0)
        Printf "CreateWaveFromMFileLine unable to find left bracket for wave %s\r", name
        return ""                               // Error
    // Replace spaces with CRLF and write the resulting text to a file so it can be loaded by LoadWave
    String tempFilePath = SpecialDirPath("Temporary", 0, 0, 0) + "TempLoadMatlab1DNumericTextFile.txt"
    String tempData = ReplaceString(" ", text, "\r\n")
    Variable tempRefNum
    Open tempRefNum as tempFilePath
    FBinWrite tempRefNum, tempData
    Close tempRefNum
    // Now load the data as general text
    String columnInfoStr = "N=" + name + ";"        // e.g., N=wave0;
    LoadWave /O /D /G /A /B=columnInfoStr /Q tempFilePath
    DeleteFile /Z tempFilePath
    return name

Function/S LoadMatlab1DNumericTextFile(pathName, fileName)
    String pathName     // Name of Igor symbolic path or "" for dialog
    String fileName         // Name of file
    Variable numLines = 0
    Variable refNum
    String fileFilters = "M Files (*.m):.m;"
    fileFilters += "All Files:.*;"
    Open/R/P=$pathName/F=fileFilters refNum as fileName
    if (strlen(S_fileName) == 0)
        return ""           // User cancelled
    String nameList = ""
        String text
        FReadLine refNum, text
        if (strlen(text) == 0)
        String name = CreateWaveFromMFileLine(text)
        if (strlen(name) == 0)
            Printf "LoadMatlab1DNumericTextFile unable to load wave from line %d\r", numLines
            nameList += name + ";"
        numLines += 1
    Close refNum
    return nameList

I would like to load Matlab waves into Igor. I'm doing EEG work and have 32 channels of data that I would like to analyzed in Igor.
The first problem I am having is with the Matlab load XOP. I already found out that there is a problem with this. I tried as suggested to change the extension to "anything else", but that did not help.

As for the code that Howard posted here, it does not appear that this would work for 32 channels of EEG data. But perhaps I'm wrong.

Could anyone please provide guidance on how to proceed?


Chuck Larson




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