Minimal replacement for Speak XOP

Apparently the Speak XOP was obsoleted as of Igor Pro version 6. Occasionally I found it useful for user feedback, or for demos during lab tours.

Here's a simple replacement for Mac users. I've tested it with Igor Pro 6.22A under 10.6.8 and 10.7.1. It also works well with the new high-quality international voices in Lion.


#pragma rtGlobals=1     // Use modern global access method.

//  Speak(text, voice) is a minimal replacement for the old Speak XOP
//  text is the text to be spoken, embed \r\r to create a pause
//  voice is a system voice such as Alex, Bruce, Fred, Kathy, Vicki, Victoria, etc.
//  If voice is empty (""), the default system voice is used;
//  the default voice can be set in the Speech system preference.
//  an example:
//  Speak("position the cursors on the trace\r\rpress ok when ready", "Vicki")
Function Speak(text, voice)
    String text, voice
    String phrase = " say \""+ text +"\" using \"" + voice+ "\" "

    ExecuteScriptText/Z phrase





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