Reorder Waves in Data Folder

// ReorderWavesInDataFolder(dRef, baseName, sortOptions)
// Reorders the waves in the data folder specified by dRef so that they are sorted.
// When you iterate through waves in a given data folder, Igor returns the waves
// in the order in which they were added to the data folder. Sometimes a procedures
// needs the waves to be in a certain order. This achieves that by temporarily moving
// the waves out of the original data folder to a temporary data folder and then moving
// them back to the original data folder in the desired order.
// All waves in the specified data folder whose names begin with the specified base name are reordered.
// Pass "" for baseName to reorder all waves in the data folder.
// See the SortList function for the meaning of the sortOptions parameter.
// Here is an example:
//  NewDataFolder/O/S root:TestDataFolder
//  Make/O xWave3, xWave7, xWave1, xWave0, xWave15, xWave11
//  Make/O yWave0, yWave7, yWave1, yWave3, yWave15, yWave11
//  ReorderWavesInDataFolder(dRef, "xWave", 16)
//  ReorderWavesInDataFolder(dRef, "yWave", 16)
Function ReorderWavesInDataFolder(dRef, baseName, sortOptions)
    DFREF dRef
    String baseName
    Variable sortOptions            // As for SortList function
    String tempDFName = "%tempForReorderWavesInDF%"
    NewDataFolder /O dRef:$tempDFName
    DFREF tempDF = dRef:$tempDFName
    String waveNames = WaveList(baseName+"*", ";", "")
    String sortedWaveNames = SortList(waveNames, ";", sortOptions)
    // Move waves to temp data folder
    Variable numWaves = itemsInList(waveNames)
    String name
    Variable i
    for(i=0; i<numWaves; i+=1)
        name = StringFromList(i, sortedWaveNames)
        MoveWave dRef:$name, tempDF
    // Move waves back to original data folder
    for(i=0; i<numWaves; i+=1)
        name = StringFromList(i, sortedWaveNames)
        MoveWave tempDF:$name, dRef
    KillDataFolder tempDF




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