Working With Binary String Data Examples

These example functions demonstrate some uses for StringToUnsignedByteWave and WaveDataToString, two built-in functions that were introduced in Igor Pro 9.00B08 (released July 27, 2021). If you would like access to Igor Pro 9 Beta, please submit the sign up form.

For more information, execute the following command:

DisplayHelpTopic "Working With Binary String Data"

Calculating an amino acid histogram:

// Calculate a histogram of the amino acids found
// in the human SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.
Function covidSpikeAminoAcidHistogram()
    String url = "…;
    URLRequest url=url
    if (V_responseCode != 200)
        print "Failed to successfully download protein sequence."
        return 0
    String response = S_serverResponse
    // The first line in the response is a description of the
    // sequence. The sequence starts after the first line feed character.
    Variable sequenceStart = strsearch(response, "\n", 0)
    if (sequenceStart <= 0)
        print "Could not find start of sequence."
        return 0
    String sequence = response[sequenceStart+1, inf]
    // Remove any line endings in the sequence
    sequence = ReplaceString("\n", sequence, "")
    sequence = TrimString(sequence)
    // Convert the sequence into a byte wave
    WAVE/B/U seqWave = StringToUnsignedByteWave(sequence)
    // Calculate the histogram with 26 bins (one for each letter).
    // Start the bins at the numeric value 65, which corresponds to "A".
    Histogram/C/B={char2num("A"),1,26}/DEST=seqHistWave seqWave
    // Create a text wave that contains the amino acid abbreviations.
    Make/O/N=26/T aminoAcidLabels
    aminoAcidLabels = num2char(char2num("A") + p)
    // Some letters do not correspond to an actual amino acid. So
    // delete those points from both waves.
    DeletePoints char2num("Z") - char2num("A"), 1, seqHistWave, aminoAcidLabels
    DeletePoints char2num("X") - char2num("A"), 1, seqHistWave, aminoAcidLabels
    // U is Selenocysteine. It is rare.
//  DeletePoints char2num("U") - char2num("A"), 1, seqHistWave, aminoAcidLabels
    // O is pyrrolysine. It is rare.
//  DeletePoints char2num("O") - char2num("A"), 1, seqHistWave, aminoAcidLabels
    DeletePoints char2num("J") - char2num("A"), 1, seqHistWave, aminoAcidLabels
    DeletePoints char2num("B") - char2num("A"), 1, seqHistWave, aminoAcidLabels
    // Sort the histogram wave to increasing size. Also sort
    // the amino acid labels wave in the same order.
    Sort seqHistWave, seqHistWave, aminoAcidLabels
    // Display the histogram.
    Display seqHistWave vs aminoAcidLabels

Here is the graph produced by executing the function:

ROT13 Encoding:

ROT13 is a simple cipher that replaces a letter with the 13th letter after it.

// Returns a ROT13 encoded string.
// See for more information.
Function/S ROT13(String inStr)
    if (!strlen(inStr) > 0) // null or empty string
        return inStr
    Variable la = char2num("a")     // 97
    Variable lz = char2num("z")     // 122
    Variable bA = char2num("A")     // 65
    Variable bZ = char2num("Z")     // 90
    // Get the bytes
    WAVE/B/U bytes = StringToUnsignedByteWave(inStr)
    // encode uppercase letters
    bytes = (bytes[p] >= bA && bytes[p] <= bZ) ? mod(bytes[p] - bA + 13, 26) + bA : bytes[p]
    // encode lowercase letters
    bytes = (bytes[p] >= lA && bytes[p] <= lZ) ? mod(bytes[p] - lA + 13, 26) + lA : bytes[p]
    // convert back to a string
    String outStr = WaveDataToString(bytes)
    return outStr
print rot13("AbC+z")
print rot13("NoP+m")

Generating Random Text:

// Returns a random printable ascii character.
// "Printable" characters include the space, tab, line feed,
// and carriage return character.
ThreadSafe Function RandomPrintableChar()
    Variable c
        c = trunc(abs(enoise(126)))
        if ((c >= 32 && c <= 126) || c == 9 || c == 10 || c == 13)
    while (1)
    return c

// Generates length bytes of random ASCII text.
Function/S RandomPrintableText(Variable length)
    Make/FREE/B/U/N=(length) chars
    MultiThread chars = RandomPrintableChar()
    String theText = WaveDataToString(chars)
    return theText
print RandomPrintableText(10)
print RandomPrintableText(10)

Remove Non-printable Characters From a String

An example of how to remove non-printable characters from a string is given in a separate code snippet.




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