Writing Results of a Curve Fit to a Notebook

// SendGaussianFitResultsToNB(nb, comment, dataWave, W_coef, W_sigma)
// Demonstrates writing the results of a Gaussian curve fit to a notebook.
// To try it, paste the functions below into the procedure window of a new experiment.
// Now execute this on the command line:
//   Demo()
Function SendGaussianFitResultsToNB(nb, comment, dataWave, W_coef, W_sigma)
    String nb               // Name of notebook, e.g., "Notebook0"
    String comment          // Comment to be added to the notebook
    Wave dataWave           // The wave that was fit
    Wave W_coef         // Output from the CurveFit operation
    Wave W_sigma            // Output from the CurveFit operation
    // If notebook does not exist, create it
    if (WinType(nb) == 0)
        NewNotebook /N=$nb /F=1
    String text = ""
    String temp
    text += "\r"                // Blank line to separate from previous run
    text += comment + "\r"
    // Handle y0 coefficient
    sprintf temp, "y0 = %g +/- %g\r", W_coef[0], W_sigma[0]
    text += temp
    // Handle amplitude coefficient
    sprintf temp, "A = %g +/- %g\r", W_coef[1], W_sigma[1]
    text += temp
    // Handle x0 coefficient
    sprintf temp, "x0 = %g +/- %g\r", W_coef[2], W_sigma[2]
    text += temp
    // Handle width coefficient
    sprintf temp, "width = %g +/- %g\r", W_coef[3], W_sigma[3]
    text += temp
    // Insert text in notebook
    Notebook $nb, text = text

Function Demo()
    // Create data
    Make/O/N=100 gaussian
    // Set X scaling
    SetScale x -3, 3, gaussian
    // Fill with sample data
    Wave gaussian
    gaussian = exp(-x^2) + gnoise(.1)
    // Display in graph
    DoWindow/F GaussianGraph
    if (V_flag == 0)                                // Graph does not yet exist
        Display /N=GaussianGraph gaussian
    // Do the curve fit
    CurveFit gauss gaussian /D
    Wave W_coef, W_sigma                        // These are outputs from the fit
    // Change the color of the destination wave
    ModifyGraph rgb(fit_gaussian) = (0, 0, 65535)
    // Add results to the notebook (after creating it if necessary)
    String comment = "Fit performed on " + date() + " at " + time()
    SendGaussianFitResultsToNB("FitResultsNotebook", comment, gaussian, W_coef, W_sigma)




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