Code Snippets

These are snippets of user-contributed Igor code that serve a specific purpose.

Export to EPS for LaTeX

March 7, 2013 Graphing

Scroll Panel

February 19, 2013 User Interface Utilities

unoise (Uniform Noise)

February 14, 2013 Statistics

Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF)

February 13, 2013 Statistics

Molar weight calculator

February 13, 2013 Utilities

An example NSIS installer script for a package

February 10, 2013 Utilities

Regular Expression Test Panel

December 11, 2012 User Interface Utilities

Convert Triplet data from grid into Matrix

November 23, 2012 Utilities Visualization/Gizmo

Invert a function

November 15, 2012

Load Waves and Append

November 13, 2012 File Input/Output

Poisson Arrival Times

September 3, 2012 Analysis Data Acquisition Statistics Utilities

Custom Markers: Half filled circles

August 1, 2012 Graphing Layouts

Assign Wave By Index

July 23, 2012 Programming

Graph All Columns of Matrix

July 1, 2012 Graphing

Weighted Mean of multiple experiments.

June 29, 2012 Analysis

draw a line on a graph

June 28, 2012 Graphing

Communications Eye Diagram and Q-Factor procedures

June 9, 2012 Analysis Graphing User Interface Utilities




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