4D data plot

I had originally a set of X, Y, Z data representing atoms that land on a surfaces within a cubic vacuum chamber. Also the wall of the chamber act as possible landing position. I converted this data set using IGOR into a density plot, i.e., a three dimensional grid of points equally spaced with a value N assigned to each point. The assigned value is the number of atoms landing within the grid cell. I have used the scatter plot option from GIZMO to represent the grid point, and colored them using a ColorWave. I noticed that some other software can generate a density plot based on scattered data, i.e., N=f(X,Y,Z) and show this as a smooth surface. Does this option exists in IGOR?



The expression N=f(x,y,z)  does not immediately lend itself to representation as a smooth surface.  On the other hand, you may use Gizmo to create iso-surfaces.  These are f(x,y,z)=k1, f(x,y,z)=k2... for constant k1, k2.  See, for example, the relevant demo under File Menu->Example Experiments->Visualization->IsosurfaceDemo.

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