acting on chunk layer as a matrix?

Is there a way to specify a layer in a chunk to act on as a matrix? I have a function that will act on a 2-dimensional wave, but have data stored in chunks. I would like to somehow pass the chunk into the function, and then have the function specify a layer in it to perform various matrix math and whatnot. What is the best approach for doing this, without first copying the data out of the chunk into another temporary matrix.
I general, no.

You could pass a layer parameter to your function. But if your function calls an operation that expects a 2D wave, you would still need to create a 2D wave to pass to it.

MatrixOp can act on a layer in a 3D wave. For example:
Make/N=(3,3,3) w3D = p + 10*q + 100*r
MatrixOp/O mat = 2 * w3D[][][1]
Edit mat