Activating General Services Options for Notebooks Under MacOS

I am curious ... does anyone have already developed a method under MacOS to enable the Services menus so that it is active in Notebooks? In particular, I would like general recognition that Notebooks can contain Text and Picture objects as well as be open to Searching. TextEdit does this nicely.

My specific interest is to be able to do automatically such things as ...

* type \frac{U}{U_o} = 2x^2, select the text, and then service it to LaTeXiT to return a LaTeX equation pasted back as a picture object
* select a section of a notebook and service it to a Curio scrapbook object for collection

Certainly, I can do either of these by having the corresponding app open too, however I then have to switch back and forth manually. I also _think_ tools exist to "roll your own" services as needed in each case. I am hoping someone (WaveMetrics???) might however already have something directly useful.