Axis Zero Line At Diff. Value

Is there a way to have a zero line, but at y = 1, for instance?
Use draw tools to draw a line using plot relative for the x coordinates and axis left for the y. Here is an example (with output from the draw dialog.)

make/o jack=sin(x/8);display jack
ShowTools/A arrow
SetDrawEnv ycoord= left;DelayUpdate
DrawLine 0,0.5,1,0.5

Larry Hutchinson
I believe it's possible...I was making waves by duplicating the waves I was using, then just setting them to whatever value I wanted and plotting them with the other waves.

I think I'll post this on the Igor Wish List...It would be great to, in the Modify Axis window / Ticks & Grids be able to have an offset option for the zero line.

On second it possible just to move/duplicate this thread to there?