The button of the window cannot work normally by dual screens PC

When I work in igor through two screens (the other screen displays other content), the button of the window in the file cannot function normally. This problem does not occur when the other monitor is turned off. My igor version is 8.04 64bit

Does anyone know how to solve it?

the bottom

This is a known problem when using two displays, one of which is High-DPI (typically a new-ish laptop) and one or more which is standard DPI (most monitors that aren't labeled as 4K).

First, I think that this problem may not be present in IP9, though I'm not certain of that. If you have a license for IP9, you might give that a try. If not, you can download the demo version to test, but you may need to purchase an upgrade to continue using IP9 after the demo period expires.

Otherwise, there are two options that usually address this problem:

1. Open the Miscellaneous Settings dialog (Misc->Miscellaneous Settings menu item). Select the Miscellaneous category, and check the "Use Fusion Style" checkbox.

2. Execute the following command to bring up the relevant help topic:

DisplayHelpTopic "Windows High-DPI Recommendations"

Then follow the recommendations in that topic.