Camera selection upon opening experiment


I am working on an metrology tool using cameras and IP7. The computer driving the system has a built in webcam and a second high resolution camera that I am interested in. I have created a panel with the camera out put and set it to the external camera. After saving and reopening the experiment the webcam is selected instead of the external camera. It shows an image of me which of course is both frightening and disconcerting. If I close the panel and reopen with the panel macro I get the correct camera showing.

Since this is a tool for general use it has to be easy enough for a manager to use. Is there a way to get the correct camera to show upon opening experiment?


Perhaps you need to use a hook function in the procedure. When Igor starts, toggle the state of the camera connection. At worst, you might trick it by the action to close and reopen the panel.

J. J. Weimer
Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering, UAH