Can anyone help me to open this .pxp file?

I have a .pxp file which is not working anymore. Every time I am trying to open it IGOR hangs. I need this file working as soon as possible as It contains many important results that I need urgently. But I can not post the pxp file as it's size is about 600 mb.

Does Igor just hang or fail to load the experiment completely (error message etc.)? What is your Igor version, OS and so on? Please give us more details.

It may be worth a try to peek into the experiment via the 'Browse Expt...' inside the Data Browser, which at least would let you copy the data over into a new experiment (but not graphs, notebooks etc.). This would help for example, if a script of very calculation intensive graph inside the pxp file was the cause.

You could also upload the file to a hosting service of your choice and post a link here, in case somebody is willing to give it a try. 

Dear Chozo,


Thanks for your reply.

when I load the experiment file, loading starts and it fails at the end and hangs. 

I have copied the data I need from the browse expt, it worked nicely but It would have been better if I can get the pxp working.  


I am using ver 6.37 on windows 10 platform.

How do you know that 'it fails'? Is there an error message? What happens exactly? When you can access the data via 'Browse Experiment' then the file is probably not broken and the data is not too big. Maybe an initial script fails, but that is just guesswork...

Thanks for your reply, Chozo. Basically in Igor 6.37 when I load the file, Igor starts loading and after a few minutes, Igor stops. Igor does not show any error message, it just stops.

By the way, as Howard (from wave metrics support) suggested me to try with Igor 8 trial version, it worked nicely. I could open and save my important data but the .pxp file is still not opening with Igor 6.37. 




Hmm... so maybe the experiment file was created in Igor 8 in the first place? If new features of Igor 8 were used during creation of the file (most notably the support of longer names for everything), then the file may not open anymore in earlier versions such as Igor 6. I would expect at least an error message, but then I have no experience with such cases. If you get all your important data out, then you might as well consider this a lost case and recreate your pxp in Igor 6. I do not know of any way to find out which part is incompatible or to save the file in Igor 8 with backwards compatibility. Maybe the official support can help out with this.

You could save the experiment as "UXP" in IP8 and open that in IP6. All your data is in "*.ibw" files and you can also access the "Procedure" file to restore your macros/functions.