Change display font size for readability?

Is there a way to change preferences or settings in Igor to make the fields highlighted in yellow in the attached image larger?

I can use "Magnification" in the procedure and command windows, and know how to use the browser preferences to change the font size of folders, subfolders and content in the data browser, and know how to change display fonts for tables and graphs, but these fields are too small to be legible on my screen.

I don't seem to have this problem with other apps or webpages on my external displays.

I've gone into the Display settings for my PC and have selected "Larger" under the prompt for "Change the size of apps, text, and other items on the screen (only applies to displays that can support it), but it has no effect on these fields in Igor.

Any help?
If you use hi-resolution monitor for Igor Pro 6.x in windows 10, you may turn on the "Override high DPI scaling behavior" and choose System or System(Enhanced) option, by right-clicking the Igor.exe file and going to Compatibility tab. This can remove the confusion of Igor Pro in displaying font sizes.