Copy Paste Problem Caused by WebRoot SecureAnywhere

An Igor user running Igor 6.31 (32-bit) on Windows 7 recently reported that he was unable to copy and paste. This applied to Edit->Copy, Ctrl-C and right-click-copy. It also applied to all window types. He received no error message but copy and paste did nothing.

We traced this to "WebRoot SecureAnywhere" security software.

This problem is described on a WebRoot forum web page.

The solution is to go into the WebRoot settings, go into the Identity & Privacy tab, click "View/Edit Protected Applications" and set Igor to "allow".

If you have experienced this problem and you use WebRoot SecureAnywhere it would be helpful if you would send them a
support request so they know that they are causing trouble for people.

If you have problems with copy and paste in Igor and you don't use WebRoot SecureAnywhere then it may be some other security software that is causing the issue. Try turning your security software off temporarily for testing purposes.