Creating/Editing/Analyzing Movies

This is an opening post to start a forum topic on the use of Igor Pro for the process(es) of creating, editing, or analyzing movies.
I need to pull together a movie created in Igor Pro as MOV with a movie created elsewhere - specifically on Windows as an AVI file. The MOV shows snapshots of (the graphical analysis from) an event at approximate steps of 1ms, whereas the AVI shows snapshots of (recorded video images from) the same event approximately every 0.01 ms. I want to bring frames in the two files together appropriately, either side-by-side or with one as an insert in the other. the end result should be a video that runs (within PowerPoint) with both images advancing in proper time sequence.

As I play around with various options inside of Igor Pro and external to it, I thought I would ask here for recommendations on the best procedures to do what I want. I am working on Windows Vista. Recommendations for MacOS X would also be helpful.


J. J. Weimer
Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering, UAH