Cursor data read-out options

The ability to read date-time details with seconds to three decimal places precision from graph cursors in Igor Pro 9 is a very useful addition for me.  But every time I come to access it, I have to (and, yes  I know its easy - but doing it many times a day ....)  go through the options selection. Is there a default or preference selection somewhere that could save me having to do this?  If not maybe it becomes something on the wish list :-)

You could save the cursor settings you want to use as a style. This should also save the digits settings. Right-click on the cursor => Style Function => Save Style Function. You could go then to the procedure window (ctrl+m) and see how this is constructed. Ultimately, you could have a small macro which you call from the macros menu to set up the cursor however you want quickly.


Excellent!  Functions written and added to menu to toggle cursor style on and off. Job done - thanks.