Data Analysis with Windows 10 on LeCroy Oscilloscopes

LeCroy TDO 4000 series oscilloscopes come with Windows 10 installed.  I was able to install the IGOR evaluation program on the oscilloscope.  I can run the oscilloscope, save files and then analyze the data with IGOR.

My question is whether anybody has had success with sending commands from IGOR to the oscilloscope to adjust settings, set the trigger and retrieve that data directly.  This would be a combination of a controller for the oscilloscope and a data analysis program.

This capability would be handy, because only the oscilloscope would be required for data acquisition and analysis - making for a very simple configuration.

The Lecroy HDO 4000 manual says on page 79, under Remote Control Settings, that it works with USBTMC. This means that it should work with Igor's VISA XOP.

A quick search did not reveal much about how to use Lecroy via USBTMC. Here is what I found.

For information on Igor's VISA XOP, see "Igor Pro X Folder\More Extensions\Data Acquisition\VISA XOP Help.ihf".

You would need intermediate-level Igor programming skills.