Different Parentheses Generated

I'm using 6.37.

When I use the following command to generate an axis label:

\[0\F'Symbol' e\X0\F]0\y+20\Z20 ~\Y0\B1\M\Z24(\F'Symbol'w,T)

the output is two different types of parentheses (picture attached).

Can someone give me insight as to why this is happening and how to make these parentheses the same?

I've not checked this, but maybe one is default font (the \M reverts to normal) and the other in symbol font?
I have found this to work:

\[0\F'Symbol' e\X0\F]0\y+20\Z20 ~\Y0\B1 \M\Z24(\F'Symbol'w\F]0,T)

i.e. a recall font \F]0 before the comma.

Gregor K
ALOISA Beamline
Elettra Synchrotron
For compatibility with Igor Pro 7, you should swap the positions of the \X0\F]0 to \F]0\X0.

This is because IP7 has to convert the text into unicode and the escape code after \F'Symbol' gets converted into garbage characters. In general, there should be no escape sequences after \F'Symbol' except those that switch out of Symbol to some other font.

Larry Hutchinson