disabling individual tabs within tabcontrol


Is it possible to 'grey out' a specific tab in a tabcontrol with multiple tabs? Using disable in tabcontrol disables all tabs. So far the only way I have found is to redraw the tabcontrol with all active tabs shown only which isn't that elegant in terms of code.

I don't think tab controls are that flexible.

You can make the text of the tab's label look disabled by making it gray:
TabControl foo tabLabel(1)="\K(30000,30000,30000)second tab"
You will have to keep track of the tab in question and alter your action procedure to prevent selection of the tab. It will probably be ugly- you'll have to keep track of what tab is current, and when the "disabled" tab is selected, set the tab back to the current tab. It will probably flash.

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.


The ability to disable individual tabs in a panel would be a useful feature to have in a future update. For example, the snapshot below disables the ability to display something until something has been loaded.

TabControl main,tabLabel(0)="Load",tabLabel(1)="Display", disable(1)=2, value=0

Changes are done using a Panel Hook function.